City Councilor Mike Rawlings thanks Augusta for his re-election.

Dear citizens and friends of Augusta,

It appears I have been re-elected to serve you for another four years and I thank you. Had I not been running I would have voted for Mr. Magruder as his thoughts on the issues parallel mine.

I will continue to try and represent you all fairly and wisely and I ask for your prayers as we move forward.

You have made a statement of your concern for the future with the election of two new members to the council and I believe your concerns have been noticed.

Our first task as a new council will be to start the search for a new city manager, I for one am very sad that the actions of a few have caused Mr. Keefer to leave and I will miss him very much. He is going to be a tough act to follow; a man, who defined integrity, thinks a normal work week is around 60 hours a week and made every decision based on what was the best for Augusta as a whole.

We have other very important tasks that also have to continue onward and thankfully we have them started. The roll out of the new trash collection system, the replacement of our raw water line from El Dorado, the new layout of the Kelly-Ohio Street intersection, the continued work on our aging infrastructure and economic development just to mention a few.

Once again thanks for your support.


Mike Rawlings