Lowery, Hubbard join City Council. Rawlings, Reavis retain seats. Hall wins re-election for school board.

Jason Lowery and Jamie Hubbard will bring a new perspective to the Augusta City Council after they are sworn in at the April 15 meeting.

Both beat incumbents to win the seats. Lowery topped incumbent Mike Martin 80-34 in Ward One Tuesday night.

“”I want to hit the ground running,” said Lowery. “I want to be familiar with everything that is going on.”

Lowery had expected the race to be closer since he was facing a life-long Augusta resident who was already on the council.

“I appreciate the support from the people that voted for me and helped with the campaign,” Lowery said.

Hubbard topped Mark Knowles 176-36 Tuesday. Incumbent Mike Huddleston did not advance out of the primary after the coin toss to break the tie between him and Knowles went to Knowles in February.

“A lot of people invested their time and energy in my campaign,” Hubbard said. “I just want to thank them for the support and I want to thank the people who voted for me.”

Mike Rawlings, who has served on the city council for 13 years beat challenger Cale Magruder 142-132 to hold on to his seat. At a recent forum, both men were very complimentary of each other.

Magruder continued that theme Tuesday after the votes were counted.

“Ward Three is in the hands of a very capable man who has served the city well for 13 years,” he said in a video on his campaign’s Facebook page. The First Southern Baptist Church Pastor didn’t seem discouraged by the results, indicating that he may try again in a couple of years. “You may see me on the ballot again in a couple of years. I appreciate all of your support and, again, congratulations to Mr. Rawlings.”

Rawlings said the results in some of the other wards show that residents were looking for a change in the way the city handles its business.

“I think some of the other results bring the council back to a more sensible group of people who all have the best interest of Augusta at heart,” Rawlings said. “I think it shows the citizens want us to get along and get business done without personal axes to grind.”

In Ward Four, Ron Reavis retained his seat with a 178-121 win over Danny Helmer. Reavis thanked the voters for their support and applauded Helmer for his efforts.

“It makes me feel good that the voters, about 60 percent of them, think I am doing the right thing,” Reavis said. “I want to give it up to Mr. Helmer for having the initiative and courage to run a campaign with a lot of energy. I applaud people who take that kind of step.”

Andy Hall maintained his spot on the school board with a 569-291 win over Ray Jones.

“I would like to say thank you to all who got out today and re-elected me to my second term on the U.S.D. 402 Board of Education,” Hall said. “I will continue to serve with integrity.”