These Orioles know golf.

Coach Keith Conrady said that, while numbers are a little down for the team this year, the Orioles still have enough quality golfers to be competitive all season, right down to Regionals.

Seniors Kesten Trebbe and Brock Keazer have made the most of their time with the program. Trebbe, a returning state qualifier who figures to be one of the better golfers in the area, has worked hard enough to earn the high expectations he has of himself.

"I want to place in every meet," Trebbe said.

Keazer has come a long way since he joined the team, too. He has put in additional practices on the weekend for more repetitions. He has worked on his technique. He even competes with his dad and brother when they get the chance to golf together.

"I have way better knowledge of the game now. The concept of hitting the ball, the right form, everything," Keazer said.

He's even taking note from Trebbe when he gets the chance.

"He challenges me more," Keazer said of Trebbe. "He's a really good golfer. I just try to be as good as I can to try to match up with him."

For the senior duo, though, there comes new responsibility. Not only do they know they'll be relied upon to help lead the Orioles' team score, but they also want their younger teammates to improve from meet to meet.

""I have to not only pay attention to my game, but also to theirs and help when they're struggling," Trebbe said.

While pressure comes with the territory of being a senior—whether it's from leading by example or competing at Regionals—Trebbe knows he has to keep focused and not let the situation get to him.

"I don't look at it as what my score will be in the end. I look at every shot individually," Trebbe said.

Playing that way will be key for the Orioles. Conrady has emphasized consistency to the team, which means taking it one green at a time.

"Don't let one bad hole ruin your day," Conrady said he tells the Orioles. "It's one hole. Forget about it and move on to the next one."

"Playing 18 holes a tournament kind of gets in your head," said Breck Winter, "but if I take each shot and do everything I can on each hole, that will help."

Junior Trevar Bevan had some good meets last year, but Conrady said that he's more focused on consistency so his scores won't vary with a couple of high highs and low lows. Bevan has the potential to contribute to the team score on a consistent basis.

Winter also has that potential. Winter, a sophomore, has bounced back from an ACL injury that he's more concerned will affect walking the course throughout the day than his actual game.

Winter said he has taken some advice from the seniors, as well. One way Trebbe has improved his technique through the years is by understanding he doesn't have to crush the ball every chance he gets; placement is just as much, if not more, vital.

"I've slowed down my swing a lot, done a lot of work with my swing," Winter said. "That's definitely helped me take some strokes off."

Conrady said a pleasant surprise is Jacob Uhrmacher, whom Conrady said is starting head and shoulders ahead of other greats to come through the program were as freshmen.

"Uhrmacher is a big plus for us right now. We knew he had some skill, but seeing him out here, we're very pleased," Conrady said.

Augusta's season opener at Andover today was postponed. The Orioles now open the season Thursday at Wellington.