Coca-Cola can be a useful kitchen ingredient.

Cooking with Coca-Cola? Check out these cool suggestions I recently discovered for using Coca-Cola in the kitchen:

1) Marinate pork chops or steak in a bowl filled with a can of Coca-Cola for at leat two hours; grill for perfection.

2)Mix Coca-Cola with Heinz ketchup to make a zesty barbeque sauce.

3) Prepare your Thanksgiving turkey with Coca-Cola by placing the washed turkey in a plastic oven bag with a half can of Coca-Cola. After pouring the Coca-Cola over the turkey, seal the bag tightly and bake as directed. Split open the bag 30 minutes before the cooking time ends. This will give the turkey a golden, caramel color and the Coca-Cola provides a salty flavor!

4) Add a half can Coca-Cola in cooking beans to prevent excess gas after you've eaten them.

5) For moist, delicious brownies substitute Coca-Cola for water in brownie recipes.