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  • Fox News is more informative than the five liberal news medias. State your specific issue.
    On Tuesday, March 19th, the hourly news announced that a Methodist Church in Tennessee would stop all weddings ( one woman, one man) until same sex marriages were legal. I’m asking how to pick and choose what to use or omit from the Bible? Adultery is a two person sin. A country-wide legislation in favor of same sex marriage makes it a national sin... same sex relations are more than a sin - it’s an abomination...I thought the Bible is the standard in which to follow.
    Fox News isn’t real news. They don’t even pretend anymore. It’s purely entertainment. I enjoy The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but I realize it’s a little news mixed in with a lot of entertainment.
    I noticed on W. 7th St. that the annual outdoor nursery had been set up in the Plaza vacant lot, with plants being put out already. I saw that the hardware store across the street was doing the same. I also know that Walmart and the local grocery will be doing likewise. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t these businesses know that the entire state is still in a drought condition and that the city is on watering restrictions because the lake is a long ways from being full enough to supply city with water? It’s going to take a lot of water to get all the trees, plants, and flowers that these people hope to sell to grow. Won’t the annual spring planting season put an additional water burden on the city’s claim of an existing water problem?
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