Bill Keefer was a hard worker, conscientious and most capable.

To the Augusta Gazette:

In the last seven years Bill Keefer and I have communicated regularly during the Legislative Session regarding issues of concern to Augusta. In a conversation last week I was very sorry and discouraged to hear from Bill that he was resigning his job as our city manager.

As Mayor of Augusta I had the pleasure of hiring Bill, in cooperation with the city council, as our city manager in 1996. We had many applications but it became apparent very quickly that Bill Keefer was the man for the job. Bill exhibited the traits of professionalism, honesty and integrity that we were looking for in a new city manager. Once on the job we discovered that Bill was a hard worker, conscientious and most capable. Paula became an important member of our community as well. Her years of service as a teacher in the Augusta school system are very much appreciated. Charles and Elizabeth grew up in Augusta and graduated from Augusta Senior High. They made important contributions to our community and have been successful in their post secondary education.

Betty and I are thankful for what the Keefers have done to advance our community in so many different ways. Although their leaving is a significant loss to Augusta we wish them much success and happiness as they leave for their new job.


Dave and Betty Crum