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Politics at all levels control most all aspects of our daily lives. Finances are an important part, but more important are our very liberties and freedoms that were given to us by the founding fathers...When large numbers of citizens are not involved in politics, the legislators have an easier time passing bills that are not necessarily in our best interests. That’s when they get greedy and pass bills to give them more power. Even if you are a voter, by not getting involved you may not be an informed voter. Please rethink!


This is to invite you for a reasonable discussion. You present your way of providing the USA getting back to all our liberties and freedoms that our founding fathers wrote out, and I promise to listen and learn. This is an opportunity to open my mind. Learning never is wrong.


Do you realize what could be done if the current gun laws were enforced? There is no way to transport a gun from north Augusta to south Augusta without violating the School Gun Free Zone of 1000 feet. If the police just set up check points they could arrest half the town and charge them with a felony. That would get the guns off the street.


Gone, the city lake. Also gone, are thousands of my retirement dollars to fees and taxes so Mulvane can have all the below cost water they want. Gone are my lawn, flower beds, and vegetable garden so Mulvane can have all the below cost water they want. Gone, city wide clean-up. Almost gone, the best trash service in south central Kansas. Could we at least keep our trash service - or does Mulvane want that too?

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