A date for a jury trial for Alyssa Haag in the death of her daughter, Jayla, has been set for June.

A date for a jury trial for Alyssa Haag in the death of her daughter, Jayla, has been set for June.

Haag appeared in Butler County District Court Friday, which was expected to be a plea or dispositional hearing.

"You have been working on a plea for an extended period of time," said Judge David Ricke. "At least three court proceedings have been scheduled for disposing of this case and each time it was continued to a later time."

Butler County Attorney Darrin Devinney said there were several conditions related to the plea agreement they have been working toward and have yet to be completed. Haag has made a formal statement to law enforcement now, something delayed for medical reasons.

"The state still expects we can work out the details," Devinney said. "The state also has a balanced interest to make sure we are progressing with this case. I truly anticipate this will end in alternate disposition rather than jury trial."

He did believe they needed a jury trial date set so there was a date to look toward in meeting the conditions. Devinney requested Ricke set a jury trial date.

Haag's attorney said they are in hopes of reaching a plea agreement and getting all of the terms met.

"I'm not sure what this ongoing problem is that doesn't seem to be able to be resolved so this plea can take place," Ricke said. "I don't expect a public explanation of that point, but there is a certain frustration setting in at this point. At some point this case does need to reach a conclusion."

He asked when they thought they would be ready for a trial.

Haag's attorney said it would to be in June if it was going to be an actual trial because of other cases she has going on.

"I'm not really seeing this is a case that needs to be tried," she said. "I too have a concern on how long this plea negotiation may go on."

She said it involves other individuals, and depends on them now.

"I'm kind of left out of the loop on knowing how long this is going to go on," she said.

She did ask if the electronic monitoring device could be removed from Haag because it is costing her family $10 a day.

Ricke then asked Devinney about the date and he agreed with June.

"If the jury trial is set for June I believe that is more than adequate time for those tasks to be completed," Devinney said. "It is a matter of some paperwork."

Ricke set the jury trial to begin on June 3, asking if the terms of a plea were worked out they notify the court as soon as is practical and a plea hearing would be set.

As to the bond modification request, Ricke commented that Haag has had impeccable reports.

"But your case is still pending," he said. "The reason for the substantial reduction of bond was because you were going to be subject to such a program. I see no reason to alter it."

Haag will remain out on bond with electronic monitoring until the case is resolved.