The City has released the following notice concerning the slight change in water appearance and pressure.

The City's water department is receiving numerous calls from citizens about the changes in the appearance of their tap water as well as drops or spikes in the water pressure coming out of their taps. This notice is to inform all of our customers that this slight change in appearance and pressure should be expected for the next 120 days, but the water is completely safe to consume.

The City is currently working on a project to repair the roof of the one million gallon water storage tank located at the Water Treatment Plant at 600 Grove. This repair requires that the storage tank be taken out of operation. As a result, the City is bypassing the storage tank and pumping water directly from the water treatment plant to the distribution system. This causes the following two issues to occur: 1) the water may appear cloudy like milk — this is simply the result of more air making it into the system ; the cloudiness will go away if you let the water sit for a minute; and 2) the water pressure out of the tap may fluctuate occasionally — these fluctuations occur when the pumps start up or shut down. These appearance issues and pressure changes will be a common occurrence throughout the duration of the repair project until the storage tank is brought back online.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.