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  • Most definitely the GOP has tried working with Obama and his administration. There are four years of trials on the House’s part. But one long drawn out and recent, you may remember. How could the House compromise with Obama when he stated that he was not going to give in? This was to keep the country from the cliff. The sequester is the only time the GOP didn’t cave.
    Please explain how controlling my gun will keep the next mass murderer from following through.
    Rand Paul’s filibuster was more against the drones than it was John Brennan. Drones with this or any administration in the U.S. doesn’t seem kosher, especially since innocent until proven guilty. I don’t have a problem with military taking out a terrorist overseas and in a war zone. What is really odd about this scene is that Obama can not/will not call a terrorist a terrorist. He would rather bring into U.S. courts and try them in civil law.
    The liberals certainly don’t claim to be righteous. And no, they do not show “hatred to all Americans.” Your uninformed remarks are good examples of closed mindedness and the Right hating the Left. That’s why nothing ever changes. You won’t calm down and have an open mind or reasonable discussion.
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