Sean Stubblefield recently returned from his first deployment, which took him to Afghanistan.

Sean Stubblefield recently returned from his first deployment, which took him to Afghanistan.

Lance Cpl. Stubblefield, who has served in the Marines for two years now, returned to El Dorado a week ago Friday after geting back to the United States in January.

He became interested in joining the Marines in sixth grade when they were watching channel 1.

“I saw a commercial with some guy climbing a mountain and at the top he had his dress blues on, and it sold me on it,” he said.

During his deployment, he was stationed in the Helmen Province of Afghanistan for seven months. He worked as a diesel mechanic and is a rifle expert.

“Anything that has wheels, we are supposed to be able to fix it,” he said.

That wasn’t a problem for Stubblefield because he said ever since he was adopted, his dad has taught him about working on vehicles.

During his deployment he did a lot of work “outside the wire.” His unit would resupply all of the forward operating bases with fuel, barbed wire, food, water and parts for their mechanics.

Those trips would take him off of their base for a couple of days at a time.

“It’s had a huge impact,” he said of his deployment. “Everything I took for granted before I deployed I realize has a lot more value.”

That includes things as basic as deodorant or baby wipes. Being away for seven months also led him to appreciate and love his family even more, including his wife Lorinda and their daughter, Sophia. His wife also is in the Marines, working in the supply sector.

While his training in California before deployment prepared him for the heat, he wasn’t prepared for the lack of “green” surrounding them. He said the sand was like baby powder over there. All of the houses the natives live in were made of mud and clay.

Now, Stubblefield will be going to Stone Bay in North Carolina to train others with rifles.

Some time in the next two years, Stubblefield will be deploying again, this time to Africa.

Stubblefield plans to retire from the Marines.