Reader was ashamed of park's condition

To the Gazette:

Last year I asked my City Council member to do something about the condition of the park at Osage and 7th Street.  I walk my dogs every day in that park, and I have watched it become nothing but a place to gather trash.  
One day a man on a bicycle was passing through from another town and had stopped to rest in the park.  I was most ashamed of the condition of the park.  No place to sit and rest to enjoy his drink, and trash lying around him.  I apologized to him for the way the park looked and got in touch with our city manager, Mr. Keefer, and the next day the city workers had cleaned the park, trimmed the trees, and made me very proud.  Only thing missing,  a trash barrel.
 I called the Mayor and Mr. Keefer and said I would be glad to carry a trash bag with me to pick up the trash if I had a barrel to put the trash in.  I thought maybe my suggestion had been ignored, but today, I was walking my dogs and there was a beautiful trash container with a barrel inside.  
I send a very big thank you to Mr. Keefer, the Mayor, and the city workers who made this happen.  
Today has been a great day in Augusta for me.

Jane Mathias