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  • It's a shame that in a city of 9,000 plus with over 7,000 people living in the three wards that had a primary election last week, and only 518 votes were cast. And in the largest of wards, the lowest voter turnout was recorded - 20 percent of the 518 votes. For shame! How convenient for all the non-voters to say, "The streets were snow packed and it was too cold to get out to vote." Convenient in so much as they did not have to admit their apathy toward city primary elections. For shame!
    Why is it always the Right hating the Left? What is so righteous about liberals? Liberals are showing hatred toward all of America. They have no respect for the Constitution or any other of our founding documents. No budget submitted for the past four years - never ending spending. Total disregard for the economy. The only growth is the size of government, creating larger welfare numbers, buying 'low informational voters," votes. All this to become a one party system sure sounds like a real love of country.
    Augusta residents are very concerned and puzzled that our water continues to be sent to Mulvane. Mulvane is prospering but Augusta citizens are on water restrictions due to the lack of action of the City Council. It is time to change the outdated poorly written contract and protect our community. Our patience is being tested.
    Medicaid debate: Alert! This country is in DEBT 7 trillion dollars. However, people just keep asking for more government programs. When is the insanity going to stop? Thank you, David Crum for understanding fiscal responsibility.
    Augusta needs water! It is so concerning that we hear every day about the water restrictions for our citizens. This affects our quality of life and the economic growth of Augusta. Augusta citizens have approved a tax increase to address a long term plan. However, the short term plan is so obvious, the Mulvane Water Contract. The council must get serious about renegotiating this contract.
    In regards to Medicaid - As a good and moral nation we are admonished to care for the poor and disadvantaged. People are more important than money. In the richest nation in the world everyone should have access to good health care.
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