El Dorado lost one of its local treasures with the passing of Bob Green in February.

Dear Editor:

El Dorado lost one of its local treasures with the passing of Bob Green in February. Bob was a well respected attorney in the area for many years, prolific writer to the editor of this newspaper, excellent Sunday School teacher, local historian of El Dorado's boom town days and veteran of WWII. Bob's service in World War II does rate in the heroic category. I read where he flew 29 combat missions.

The U.S. Army calculated that five percent of the planes that went on a mission would not return. Using those calculations and Bob's missions he was on borrowed time. On one of Bob's missions a bomb was lodged in the bomb door. Bob went back on the railings over the bomb door and kicked the bomb loose so the plane could safely land saving the airplane and its crew.

Bob was an ardent supporter of his political party. I am personally a member of the other political party (or in my opinion the correct party). I sure wish we could have gotten Bob on our side of the political party as he would have been a great asset to the "correct party." Bob was always ready to give you his opinion on politics. If you did not have an opinion on a matter Bob was more than happy to give you an opinion.

El Dorado has lost several friends of this community in the last 12 months. Bob Long and Kenyon Martens (SFC Martens or Sergeant Martens to a host of U.S. Army recruits) were friends of the youth in the area. Bob was one of the biggest sports fans in this community. His work in the area of baseball was a labor of love for him. SFC Martens' Army recruiting career and then his work with sports and youth was one of the best ever. Both of them fine gentlemen touched countless youth lives and their work continues to show in those they touched. Another treasure lost in the last 12 months was Ralph Carlisle. Mr. Carlisle was a guy when you met him for the first time you had a friend for life. Ralph kept a lot of us warm in the winter and cool in the summer with his heating, ventilation and air conditioning expertise. The company Ralph founded with his son-in-law is a model for small businesses. They are honest, do high quality work, and customer service is at the forefront of their business. This community is a better community because of the above mentioned men. We still have local treasures among us that we need to appreciate. I will only mention a couple as there are many others who impact this area in a positive way. One is a lady who I consider "the First Lady of El Dorado." She has the energy of a person one-third her age and as mentally sharp as anyone. This lady is a leader in philanthropy activities in the community. She is also an avid supporter of her grandchildren's school and sport activities. Another local treasure is a retired "Porsche driving, KU Jayhawk diehard fan" (that is a great combination - drive a Porsche and diehard KU fan) dentist. His knowledge of El Dorado back in the "day" is priceless. He filled many a cavity in his career. But his greatest assets were the ways he gave back to the community through civic organizations, coaching youth sports, supporter of school activities, etc. An even better legacy of this man was that he raised two really nice children. As a youth you were always welcome in their nice home. The outstanding individuals I mentioned above were extremely influential in the lives of many in this area. This community will be forever grateful to them and the many unselfish deeds they did to better the lives of those around them.


- Larry McNown, El Dorado