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  • I agree, those wanting sensible regulations on certain types of guns shouldn’t be accused of attacking the Second Amendment. If only people could open their minds and have reasonable discussions, this world would be a better place.
    A viewpoint writer said Kent Bush' bias was showing. I believe the writer of that view is biased by stating that the GOP has tried to work with the president. The senate minority leader, Republican Mitch McConnell said at the beginning of Obama's tenure as president that their (Republican) goal was to make Obama a one term president. Does that sound like the Republicans wanted to work with the president? Give me some examples of their willingness to work with the president, please.
    Still, the problem of gun control is that you can only control the legal and moral minded citizens, not the ones that are doing mass murders. Since the last few shootings have been with AR15s, the V.P. Bidden’s two shotgun shells and/or seven round clip seems useless.
    The Senate did pass a bill giving Obama the sole option of selecting where the cuts would be from - he vetoed that bill. He does not want to govern, only to campaign against 2014 GOPs.
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