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Mr. Bush, I really did not consider you a “low information voter,” but your bias is showing. We do have a two party system with two opposing views. The GOP House has tried to work with this President, but he is too busy campaigning to the choir. This sequester was Obama’s brain child, as he had it figured to blame the GOP. This time they did not cave and he is looking rather foolish. A special bill was just passed to re-assure Obama that he alone could choose from where the cuts came.


Responding to comparing cars and guns: What new laws, rules/and or bans would encourage or force a future shooter into changing his mind? All legal minded gun owners have controls that we obey, any additional still will not change a criminal’s intent. Again, where guns are banned makes for easy targets.


Many things are regulated by the government, cars included. There are rules that allow “street legal” vehicles on the roads. There are regulations on emissions, etc. And just because I can’t drive a vehicle without a muffler, lights, and tag on the streets means that the governments wants to ban all vehicles. No one is saying outlaw guns or take them away. AGAIN, everyone should be able to go hunting, shoot targets and participate in other shooting sports. No one really needs a semiautomatic rifle equipped with a protruding pistol grip and a 30-round ammunition magazine, Just because some of us want some regulations, doesn’t mean we want to take away your guns. It’s not that hard to understand, but somewhere along the line it became about the Second Amendment and the Right hating the Left.


It was uplifting to see that Augusta voters were informed and are sending a message. I only hope those who need to hear are listening!

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