I believe healthcare for all Kansans is important economically, socially, politically and most of all spiritually.

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Representative David Crum, which the author requested to be shared with the Gazette and encourages readers to also contact Rep. Crum.

Hi Dave,

Len Hudson here. When we were on the Augusta City Council, I saw you change your mind a couple of times. Once, you changed your mind on the use of KDOT funds. You, and I agreed with you, thought we should use those funds for Dike Road. A large number of citizens came to the council and asked us to use them for Custer Lane. You had made a well reasoned argument for Dike Road but after the citizens asked for a different outcome, you changed your mind. Now we have this terrific road called Custer Lane that serves the east side of our community.

As a friend and a fellow Kansan I am going to ask you to reconsider your position on something that is very important to me. I believe that Kansas should participate in the Federal goverment's expansion of Medicaid in Kansas. You already know all the agruments for and against the program. Assuming all of them equal out there is one consideration that should tip the scale when considering helth care for Kansans. That would be charity or love.

When I was a kid I was raised by a single mother. Mom was a waitress and worked for 55 cents an hour. Although I did not understand at the time I was probably covered by some kind of health insurance from the state of Kansas. I do know that we were helped by Aid to Dependent Children from the state. I remember one time when I was a senior in high school, Mom got really sick. She had some kind of infection and Dr. Barber actually came out to the house and prescribed medicine for her. She was so sick that I thought she was going to die. I drove to town, in the middle of the night,with not a nickel in my pocket wondering how I was going to pay for her medicine. The script was paid for by the state, Mom got well, I left for college and a few years later we were on the city council together.

Right now, one in six Kansans have no health insurance. When someone gets sick in a family and there is no way to heal them, life gets very depressing and desperate. Please re-think your position on the Medicaid expansion. I believe healthcare for all Kansans is important economically, socially, politically and most of all spiritually.

Your friend,

Len Hudson