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  • Have you been to the high school during the school day? I was there during passing period and I observed students with headphones listening to music, students with their cell phones out, and students eating and drinking. I have a child in high school and these things also happen during class. People say there are not many rules at the high school and I saw it first hand. It sure did not look much like a learning environment.
    The student who wanted to speak at the board meeting about the new schedule not being good for many students was treated rudely. This should not be accepted. Was the administration present really ok with this?
    (Editor's note: Public comments are allowed at the beginning of every BOE meeting. Prior to that specific meeting, the audience was asked twice if anyone wanted to address the board. Everyone was given a chance to speak. When the student spoke up during the course of the meeting, she was allowed to speak, but the board was not required to engage in conversation with her.)
    Cars also end innocent lives and we don't outlaw them or try to take them away. They are not even covered by the Constitution. You would feel differently about the same rules for your car that they try on guns. It is the action of a few to cause concern of the many. What type of horrible crime would be committed if cars were banned from certain areas? When legal guns arrive on a shooting scene, the shooter takes his own life. Crazy or sane?
    My Thursday Gazette was on my front porch and I truly appreciate the effort on my carrier's part. My Eagle, however, was buried under the snow...a very nice man and his son gave me a ride to Jumpstart and he even went in to buy me a paper...it's really gratifying to meet such kind people.
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