Power outage Thursday morning

A Westar meter repair at the City's plant failed to go smoothly for city crews Thursday morning, resulting in a city-wide power outage, which lasted under an hour.

City Manager Bill Keefer advised that the repair required the City to be disconnected from the grid and in turn there would be two engines running to cover the load. However, one engine had problems with the fuel supply pressure and shut down, which set off a chain reaction and in turn shut down the second engine as it could not carry the load on its own.

"Crews had to work around the repairs to the meter and were able to manually reconnect to the grid and restore power to the system - one circuit at a time. Power plant personnel are looking into the cause for the fuel supply pressure issue as well as checking out the balance at the plant," Keefer explained.

Traffic signal lights were functioning at all intersections on 7th St. except for the light at 7th and Lulu, where police officers directed traffic.