DaVitaŽ, a leading provider of kidney care services, will open a dialysis center in Andover

Andover - DaVita®, a division of DaVita HealthCare Partners Inc. (NYSE: DVA) and a leading provider of kidney care services, announced today that it will open a dialysis center in Andover at 626 S. Andover Road.

Healthy kid,neys remove waste products from the body and balance the body's fluids. When kidneys fail, dialysis treatments perform many of the same functions as the kidneys in order to sustain life. The two leading causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure.

The new Andover clinic will offer in-center hemodialysis, a treatment in which a machine filters toxins from the blood and removes excess fluid. ln-cente!" hemodialysis patients typically visit a clinic three times a week for about four hours at a time for dialysis treatments. The center will also offer peritoneal dialysis, a home therapy which uses the peritoneum, a large membrane in the abdomen, to filter the blood inside the body.

"At DaVita, we're not just about helping our patients stay alive- we're about helping them to lead the healthiest, happiest lives possible," said Shelley Page, who will serve as facility administrator at the new clinic. "By supporting treatments in the center and at homewe're helping patients make the best choices for their individual Jives.''

DaVita's new center will have 16 dialysis stations and wlll initially offer treatments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The center is undergoing state certification and will begin treating patients once certification is complete.

'We are excited to bring dialysis services to patients in Andover and tbe surrounding areas.east of Wichita. It's hard for people to travel three days a week 'for services, and this center will provide a closer resource," said the center's medical director, Ushasri Challa, MD. "Wichita Nephrology Group and DaVita are committed to offering exemplary care."

Located in the 14,600 square foot strip center just south of US-54/US·400 on South Andover Road, the center offers convenience to area kidney patients. The larger strip center was built in 2010. The space on the south end of the center that was previously vacant has been remodeled to accommodate the specific needs of a dialysis center.

The general contractor for the remodeling is Dondlinger Construction of Wichita, and the architect is Randall Dover Architectural from Nashville, Tennessee. The property was purchased from Vantage Point Properties Inc., with Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate Inc. working on behalf of the buyer.

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