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Response to 2-21-13 GateHouse editorial: President Obama said, “No gun bans or gun control laws can stop all shootings.” The reason? All these actions are controlling the wrong people. Criminals will not heed any legalities and the moral understanding citizen is not doing the shootings. I don’t have an answer to the problem, but adding more controls only aides the shooters. Shooting where guns are banned makes easy targets.


Regardless of how many mass shootings and gun control laws only the good righteous citizen will be under government control. The shooter will still have an unregistered weapon of whatever caliber. The criminal will both be controlled. Since these past shootings occurred in government banned conceal carry locals with legal citizens gunless, shooters will have even more targets. Adding gun insurance will only be bought by upright citizens and bring money into government coffers, still not interfering with a mass shooter.