BuCART being formed to ensure safety of animals affected by disaster.

The Butler County Animal Response Team (BuCART) and Butler County Emergency Management announced their partnership beginning in 2013.

Through this partnership, BuCART will be able to more effectively respond to natural and manmade disasters in the Butler County area. Butler County Emergency Management has donated an enclosed trailer to BuCART. This trailer will enable them to store equipment and supplies needed during disasters.

County Animal Response Teams (CARTs) are local networks of citizen volunteers, government, nonprofit organizations of businesses, veterinarians and livestock producers. All of these volunteers are dedicated to preparing, planning, responding and recovering from disasters involving animal emergencies. CARTs are not animal rescue teams during non-disaster situations.

BuCART is being formed to help ensure the safety of, survival and welfare of any animal affected by disasters in Butler County. Currently, the team has 10 trained disaster volunteers. Anyone with a desire to volunteer or a passion to help animals and their communities during times of disaster is encouraged to join BuCART. Those interested in becoming a volunteer can contact Janell Jessup at jjessup.butlercocart@gmail.com or Micki Schomaker at micki.butlercocart@gmail.com. Those unable to volunteer but who would like to make a donation to the group can contact Butler County Emergency Management at 316-733-9796.

Disasters can happen anytime and anywhere in the county. The development of this trained, engaged and active volunteer organization will help meet the needs of animals in disasters. Preparedness is a key to prevention and the enabling of quality disaster response. Emergency Management staff encourages citizens to consider joining BuCART as volunteers.