4-H Day results

Butler County 4-H members participated in 4-H Day on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013. This event was held at Butler Community College in El Dorado. Those individuals and groups receiving Top Blues are eligible to participate at Regional 4-H Day on March 16, 2013, at the Butler Community College in El Dorado. Results from the day are as follows:Vocal Ensembles - Small: Gavin Schaffner & Audra Schaffner - Red; Shelby Varner & Jeffrey Garcia - BlueVocal Solos - Junior: Trena Garcia - Blue; Audra Schaffner - Blue; Ellie Vanzelfden - RedVocal Solos - Intermediate: Jeffrey Garcia - Red; Gavin Schaffner - 1st Alt Top Blue; Claire Vanzelfden - Red; Shelby Varner - 1st Top BlueVocals Solo - Senior: Faith Hadley - 1st Top Blue; Elliot Merck - Blue; Tara Varner - Red; Amy Varner - 1st Alt Top BlueInstrumental Solos - Junior: Cooper Larsen - Top BlueInstrumental Solos - Intermediate: Audrey Busselman - Red; Jeffrey Garcia - Blue; Bailee Goad - Red; Logan Thompson - 1st Top Blue; Shelby Varner - BlueInstrumental Solos - Senior: Alex Becker - 1st Alt Top Blue; Mandi Becker - Blue; Kassie Claassen - 2nd Top Blue; Reed Strawn - 1st Top BlueVocal Ensembles - Large: Lily Lake - RedPiano - Junior: Austin Broadie - 1st Top Blue; Trena Garcia - Red; Kelsey Koontz - 1st Alt Top Blue; Audra Schaffner - Red; Daniel Webb - 2nd Top BluePiano - Intermediate: Kami Claassen - 1st Alt Blue; Renata Goossen - 1st Top Blue; Anaya McCune - 2nd Alt Blue; Roman Merck - Blue; Gavin Schaffner - Red; Gavin Strawn - Blue; Sidney Sullivan - 2nd Top Blue; Noah Swank - BluePiano - Senior: Shelby Augur - WhiteReadings - Intermediate: Taylor Barlett - Blue; Jeffrey Garcia - Blue; Elizabeth Johnson - 2nd Alt Top Blue; Roman Merck - 2nd Top Blue; Gavin Schaffner - Blue; Sidney Sullivan - 1st Alt Top Blue; Noah Swank - Blue; Logan Thompson- Blue; Shelby Varner - 1st Top BlueImpromptu: Lois Johnson - 1st Top Blue; Elliot Merck - 1st Alt Top Blue; Tara Varner - 2nd Alt Top Blue; Amy Varner - 2nd Top BlueProject Talks - Junior: Jared Allen - 2nd Top Blue; Cooper Cabrales - 2nd Alt Top Blue; Juliene Fuson - Blue; JasonJohnson - 1st Alt Top Blue; Daniel Webb - 1st Top BlueDemo/Illustrated Talks - Junior: Trena Garcia - 1st Top Blue; Nathan Henning - Red; Allison Henning - Blue; Acacia Henning - Red; Audra Schaffner - Red; Sadie Scribner- Red; Quinn Torgerson - 2nd Top BlueDemo/Illustrated Talks - Junior Team: Juliene & Lillian Fuson - Red; Lillie & Lucy Haller - 1st Alt Top Blue; Braden Scribner - 2nd Alt Top BlueDemo/Illustrated Talks - Intermediate: Jake Allen - 2nd Top Blue; Taylor Barlett - Blue; Jeffrey Garcia - Red; Elizabeth Johnson - Red; Anna Kuestersteffen - 1st Top Blue; Roman Merck - 2nd Alt Top Blue; Gavin Schaffner - Red; Matthew Webb - 1st Alt Top Blue; Demo/Illustrated Talks - Intermediate Team: Lauren & Lindsey Mandina - BlueDemo/Illustrated Talks - Senior: Erron Eisenbarth - 1st Alt Top Blue; Lois Johnson - 1st Top Blue; Elliot Merck - 2nd Top BluePublic Speaking: Daniel Johnson - 1st Top Blue; Amy Varner - 2nd Top BlueReadings - Junior: Conner Clausing - 1st Alt Top Blue; Juliene Fuson - Red; Trena Garcia - 1st Top Blue; Jason Johnson - 2nd Top Blue; Sadie Scribner - RedReadings - Senior: Lois Johnson - 1st Alt Top Blue; Daniel Johnson - Red; Timothy Johnson - Red; Elliot Merck - 1st Top Blue; Jessica Strawn - 2nd Top BlueDance - Individual - Junior: Mia Marcellus - Top BlueDance - Individual - Intermediate: Madison Marcellus - Top BlueSkits, Other Talent: Benton Busy Bees - Top Blue; Flint Hills - 2nd Top Blue; Heartland - Top BlueCloverbuds: Gabriel Schaffner - Participation Ribbon;Laura Scribner - Participation RibbonFor more information on 4-H in Butler County, visit: http://www.butler.ksu.edu/p.aspx?tabid=65, or contact the Kansas Extension office in El Dorado at 206 N Griffith, Suite A, 316-321-9660.