A rezoning request brought about concerns of heavy traffic on Purity Springs Road in the county during the El Dorado City Commission meeting Monday evening.

A rezoning request brought about concerns of heavy traffic on Purity Springs Road in the county during the El Dorado City Commission meeting Monday evening.

The request was to rezone a 76-acre tract that was outside the city limits but within the city’s extra territorial area from residential to heavy industrial. The lot now contains 18 oil storage tanks through a conditional use permit from the county in 2009. They are looking to add a 100,000 barrel tank on the northeast corner of the site.

“The Butler County Planning Commission reviewed it and deemed the request was in conformance,” said Matt Rehder, planning and zoning coordinator.

In addition, the city Planning Commission approved the application.

One resident in the area, Craig Duncan, was concerned about the traffic on Purity Springs from Towanda to 20th.

“It’s beginning to be like a race track out there,” he said.

He sees between 40 and 70 trucks a day on Purity Springs Road.

“There is a ton of dust,” he continued. “They use their jake brakes constantly all times of the night.

In addition to MV Purchasing, which was asking for the rezoning, there are other loading stations and businesses that use that street.

“They’re going awful fast down there,” Duncan said, “and I would like to see them slow down or get off of there.”

He said when they closed Boyer Road because the bridge couldn’t handle the weight, all of the traffic moved to Purity Springs.

Duncan also talked about how it was dangerous to meet oncoming truck traffic on that road and the fact he has several chips in his windshield from them.

“I don’t mind them building tanks,” he said. “I’m just asking to find some solution to this traffic problem,” he said. “I’m asking them to be respectful.”

Mayor Tom McKibban said it sounded like the county needed to change the speed limit.

“I think we can’t do anything as far as the speed limits, but we can certainly have staff talk to staff and urge them to look into this problem,” said Commissioner David Chapin.

McKibban point out the request does fall within their plan.

Rick Navarro, with MV Purchasing, addressed some of the questions and concerns raise.

“There are a number of trucks that come into our facility in El Dorado,” he said. “In the beginning, we looked at that site for an entrance/exit road specifically for height elevation.”

Originally, he had worked with county employees to find the highest elevation point. As for trucks, he said they do have some coming and going every day, but there are also other companies out there.

“When we first started construction on the facility I think the county or city did have an officer on 20th Road in the early phases to try to give all the trucks a heads-up that they are going to be monitoring the area,” Navarro said. “As far as the speed limit, the trucks we get, I would be glad to send an e-mail to those trucking companies to address the jake brakes and speed limit. We are here to work with the city and county.

“We are very appreciative of everything you’ve done for us,” he continued. “We’re open to anything and would just like to appease you folks.”

McKibban asked Navarro if he would be willing to petition the county for the road to be reduced and put up jake brake signs.

“We do appreciate your involvement in this and your contributions to the community to locate here and being willing to work with the citizens,” McKibban said.

Navarro said he would do whatever he could on behalf of MV Purchasing.