The Wharf provides great dining experience in Alexandria, Virginia.

On a recent business trip to Alexandria, VA, I stumbled across a great seafood restaurant. Located in an area referred to as Old Town you will find The Wharf at 119 King Street. The restaurant boasts architecture from the 1790s including including wood columns, low ceilings and brick walls. The atmosphere is festive and cozy. Our table of 10 was nestled in a corner at the back of the restaurant allowing for private, boisterous conversation.

The menu provides a complete variety of quality seafood. I opted for the seafood trio, which included a sampling of crabmeat, lobster and jumbo shrimp. It was delightful to indulge in FRESH seafood! The samplings were creatively arranged in an au gratin baking dish with melted garlic butter. And each bite LITERALLY melted in your mouth! I chose the steamed asparagus for my side dish and was not disappointed. It was bright green and crispy with a bread crumb topping. Cost was reasonable for the east coast. Everyone at my table left satisfied and ready to return on their next trip to the DC area.

The best comment of the evening came from a young, naive colleague from Nebraska. She said, "Wow! That's even better than Joe's Crabshack!"