Former Oriole Zach Budda hasn’t stopped making waves since joining the Wichita State track and field team.

Budda, who set a new Augusta High School team record a year ago in the high jump at 6-foot-8, has set a new career mark as a Shocker. Budda cleared 6-foot-10 at the Air Force Invitational last week.

“Its great to PR this close to conference,” said Budda. “Being first in the conference up there with the rest of our high jump group, it's a sense of pride being associated with this group.”

Budda has been having fun, especially with fellow freshmen teammates Kerry Graber from Maize South and Garret Lynch from Parkersburg. The trio was nicknamed “Dub 7” by a senior on the team, Tobias Boise.

“The team is such a family, much more so than high school because everybody is working toward a common goal,” Budda said was what he liked most about being on a Division-I team.

Of course, it isn’t all fun and games at this level. Budda said the work that goes into practice far exceeds the high school level.

“Instead of one to two hours a day, it’s three to four, or five depending, on the day,” Budda said.

Budda, a 2012 AHS graduate, became the most recent Augusta state champion after winning the Class 4A state title last year at WSU’s Cessna Stadium, where he now practices every day. Budda also earned a sixth-place medal at State his junior season with the Orioles.