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  • Everyone knows that when enrollment increases so does money from the State. Get your facts straight.
    School districts are top heavy with administrators and it might be time to exchange an administrative position for a high school science teacher. There would be no need to change scheduling and would provide the education that our kids deserve.
    What are the salaries and benefits of each of the contracts approved by the Board of Education? This is public information since they're paid with tax dollars.
    (Editor's note: At Monday's meeting only their contracts were renewed, new salaries won't be recommended until probably June. We plan to publish that information then).
    There is nothing wrong with having business owners or people with community experience serving the City Council, as long as their intent is to serve the community. Unfortunately, I fear this is not the case in Augusta. Self interest should not be the platform for politics.
    Mr. Bush, just a few votes short of 50 percent of November voters would rather live under Rubios form of government than what we have and more of the promised. This present administration would rather enjoy the perks of power than be a leader. For such an educated man, Obama sure failed his history class. The countries that governed his way are now changing over to what we were before Obama.
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