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    I’m confused. We are fixing larger enrollments by placing the burden on the students? It was stated that we would have to raise the mill levy to add teachers. If our enrollment goes up and we get money from the state based on the number of students, then we’d be getting more money. Also, it was stated that requiring students to take more electives would help them be more college ready. The ACT and college readiness deals with core classes, not electives.
    Editor’s note: The state will probably not be adding money any time soon and the district is attempting to keep money available for existing staff. Any new teachers would mean taking money from current staff.
    I read in the paper that a high percentage of teachers voted for the new schedule. What a play on numbers. I have talked to many people who teach at AHS and the reason so many voted for it was because there were no other options explored or voted on. It looks like what happened in Pittsburg. Somebody needs to investigate what is going on.
    I understand that our 2017 grads will be required to have 28 credits in order to graduate. That’s an increase of only 3. What’s the big deal? Circle High School currently requires 29 credits. It’s perfectly fine to challenge our students. Maybe some people need to have a little faith.
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