If problems persists, the restrictions could become much more strict.

The City of Augusta's water problems haven't improved in the past month.

Below average precipitation has made it even less likely that Santa Fe Lake and Augusta's City Lake could be recharged in time to supplement the city's water supply when usage demand increases in the spring.

Currently, barring a break in the main line, the city has enough water. The average daily usage has been well under 1.5 million gallons per day.

The city can safely transport 2.5 million gallons per day from El Dorado Lake.

But in the spring and summer, the demand is consistently over 3 million gallons per day with some days climbing as high as 4 million gallons.

When that happens, the city has always used the city lake and Santa Fe Lake to provide the extra water. Neither of those sources is currently available to provide any water.

Current outdoor watering restrictions limit residents to two time periods a day, two days per week for all of their outdoor watering needs.

If the problem persists, the restrictions could become much more strict.

In the past 40 days, Augusta has used 60.59 million gallons of water. In the same period last year, the city pulled 59.95 million gallons.

Augusta residents have used about a million gallons less year over year. Conversely, Mulvane has used 1.874 million gallons more in the first 40 days of 2013 than that city did in the 2012.

If Mulvane's usage continues at this level, they will still easily stay below the 200 million gallons per year that their contract with Augusta allows.