Veterans and active members of America’s Armed Services travel great distances and make great sacrifices to preserve and protect freedom and liberty. How far will you travel to honor their contribution?

Veterans and active members of America’s Armed Services travel great distances and make great sacrifices to preserve and protect freedom and liberty. How far will you travel to honor their contribution?

The American Veterans Traveling Tribute and Traveling Wall will visit El Dorado from Sept. 3, 2014 through Sept. 7, 2014.

The tribute will be on display for the public at the American Legion, 1801 W. Central Ave. in El Dorado. The sponsor for this event will be the Captain Edgar Dale Post 81 of the American Legion.

Fund raising events have already begun with a ham and bean supper on Jan. 21, which raised nearly $800. Additional fund raising events are being planned.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to this event can contact the American Legion at 321-3767.

The mission of the project is to travel the nation to honor, respect and remember men and women who served, and to pay specific tribute to those who gave all in that service.

Since the tribute is mobile, it allows people to honor and respect veterans and active military personnel without having to travel great distances to do so.

The AVTT presents several Cost of Freedom memorials and exhibits with its centerpiece being the Traveling Wall, an 80 percent scale version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. Across its 360-foot length, the wall contains every single name etched on the original.

At its apex the memorial is an impressive eight feet tall.

The traveling wall was completed in early 1998 and began traveling that year.

AVTT’s traveling wall is the largest Wall replica traveling the U.S. and is not to be confused with several other replica Walls: The Moving Wall, The Dignity Wall or the Wall that Heals, although they are all on a mutual mission.

The other memorials and exhibits included in the AVTT event include:

• The Cost of Freedom Memorial: A series of stand-up exhibits created in gold dog tags to record the names of those who gave their lives for our freedom since Vietnam and including present day Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

This a one-of-a-kind tribute honors those who have fallen and to which there is not currently a memorial in their honor and remembrance.

Each dog tag permanently records the casualty information (full name, branch of service, rank, date and location of casualty) for that American hero. This tribute is updated constantly and would be accurate to the day it would arrive in El Dorado.

• 911 Memorial: A stand-up exhibit with lighted twin towers to make sure “we never forget.”

Each name is recorded according to their location at the time of the tragedy.

• Walk of Heroes: A series of stand-ups that pay tribute and provide education regarding our country’s history, as well as conflicts America was involved in to insure our freedom.

Freedom did not come for free and these tributes represent the true cost of freedom as paid in lives.

• Vietnam Remembered: A nationally acclaimed art display of original paintings and more, for viewing, education and reflection.

• World War II: To assure all living veterans are honored, AVTT presents displays of pictures and information to pay specific tribute to WWII veterans.

• Korean War: A beautiful pictorial display of the men who fought the forgotten war along with battle maps and the war timeline.

• Founding and Historical Documents: A display of USA founding and significant historical documents including the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other historical documents.

• Police and Fire Display: Panels honoring law enforcement and firefighters with pictorial display.

• Ft. Hood: A panel memorializing the causalities at the Ft. Hood 2009 shooting.

• Commanders in Chief: Pictures of each of the commanders in chief throughout history.

• Tribute Panel: Anyone can purchase a custom inscribed dog tag to place on the tribute panel.

This is a tribute and a personal message to a loved one, past or present.

This tribute panel travels the U.S. with all other exhibits.

Remembering, educating and respect are among the main focuses of AVTT.

These special tributes and exhibits mean the AVTT is fulling the American Veterans Traveling Tribute.

The AVTT is not government sponsored or affiliated, but funded through sponsorship fees, donations and sale of merchandise at events.

AVTT is contracted by The Texas Freedom Tribute, a 501(c)3 to provide The Wall, crew and expertise.

Donations are charitable tax deductions.

For more information, visit or call 903-714-8634.