On Jan. 15, the Butler County Commissioners approved a renewal of the City of Rose Hill’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP).

On Jan. 15, the Butler County Commissioners approved a renewal of the City of Rose Hill’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP).

During their Tuesday meeting, the commissioners voted to repeal the NRP since the Rose Hill City Council had already done so.

Rose Hill resident Bill Baker discussed the city council’s decision to repeal the NRP with the commissioners.

“There were 300 names on the petition to oppose it,” Baker said of the NRP. “The council, after a lengthy meeting, decided to rescind the whole thing.”

In 2001, the NRP was adopted to give residents tax relief for improvements on older homes. In October 2011, it was amended to include incentives for new home construction.

The original NRP covered a designated area inside the city limits and offered a 10-year abatement for 95 percent of taxes owed. The amended NRP offered a five-year abatement for 95 percent of taxes owed on up to $200,000 of a new home’s value. Under the NRP, new homes constructed within the city limits were eligible for the program.

However, after the city council’s vote, neither the original nor the amended NRP will be available in Rose Hill.

Baker told the commissioners many residents felt they didn’t have enough information about the NRP before it was passed.

“A lot of the citizens felt they brought it through the back door,” said Baker. “The city never did a study on it. There was no information.”

Baker said since Rose Hill is a small community, it is difficult for the city to absorb the cost of the NRP.

“The overall savings in Rose Hill would be approximately $18,000,” he said. “That’s higher than anybody else.”

Other communities in Butler County, including El Dorado, Augusta, Andover, Benton and Douglass, have NRPs that offer incentives for new construction.

“We understood what they were trying to do but not every shoe fits everybody,” said Baker.

The commissioners unanimously voted to affirm the Rose Hill City Council’s decision to repeal the NRP.

In other business, the commissioners:

• received Ted Ferrier, who expressed concern about the condition of River Valley Road north of Highway 196.

• approved an interlocal agreement between the City of Wichita and Butler County for the Department on Aging to provide transportation within the City of Andover.

• approved a request by JBG, LLC and Joe Reinert on behalf of APAC Kansas, Inc. for two special event permits for temporary asphalt batch plants on property in the AG-80 zoning district. The properties are located near 60th and Hwy 77 and near 90th and Hwy 177. The asphalt batch plants will be used for upcoming work on Hwy 77 and Hwy 177.

• approved an agreement with Pitney Bowes to lease a postage meter for the Butler County Health Department at the rate of $47 per month for 48 months.

• received and accepted the annual noxious weed eradication report from the Butler County Noxious Weed Department.

• authorized the Department of Public Works to solicit bids for annual employee shirt purchases.

• discussed a proposed Kansas House Bill which could negatively impact the Butler County Landfill and trash rates in the county if passed.

• decided to postpone a scheduled work session on the status of Department of Public Works projects until next week.

• tabled authorization of Brandon Kauffman and Sandy Zieman as the program card administrators for the Butler County purchasing card program until next week.

• approved a resolution recognizing Alvin Claassen for his 39 years of service to Murdock Township.

• held a work session to discuss the property and workers compensation brokerage request for proposals. The commissioners will select a brokerage firm to negotiate property and workers compensation rates with insurance companies.

• held a work session to discuss the possibility of leasing radio tower space from Butler Community College.