Creating a personal mission will honor what truly matters to you.

We have been programmed from an early age to create goals to fulfill what we want to accomplish, personally and professionally. Having these goals are important to keep us on track to get where we believe we want to go. Goals give us direction. I create goals for many aspects of my life. Sometimes these goals are things I want to accomplish quickly and others are long range goals. I have always had this list of goals that I created, changed, deleted and revised, depending on the circumstances going on in my life at the time. When I reached a goal, I would cross it off and most times not think of it again because I reached it, right? What I had to ask myself was “are these goals focused on what is truly important to me and do they meet my core values?”

Most of us try to live by our values and priorities but everyday life sometimes gets in the way and we lose sight of what means the most to us. When life becomes hectic and chaotic, our default is to try and organize the chaos. This is a great time to think about creating a personal mission statement. A personal mission statement takes those values that are at your “core” and defines your drive and direction, encompassing short and long term in one sentence that you can easily remember. Some of us have our mission in our heads but it is extremely important to write it down and define it. This helps you stay accountable to your mission. If it is just in your head it is easy to change on the spur of the moment.

The first step to create a personal mission is to understand your core values. Develop a list of values that are important to you and try to narrow it down to two or three. Once you understand those values that are at your “core”, creating a personal mission will focus around those. The next step is to just write it down. It should be action oriented and should challenge you to take risks and courage. Understand that you must commit yourself to the mission in order for it to be realized. If you are truly committed, this mission statement will sustain you in times of stress and uncertainty. If you are truly committed, you will live by your personal mission and will not do things that are outside of this statement.

Have fun with it; look deep into your core values. Creating a personal mission will honor what truly matters to you.

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