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  • Wichita has one week where you can put unwanted items out on the curb. Free for the taking. After that week is up, then people with trucks go around and haul it off.
    People who have trucks and need a little extra money could go to houses after the clean up week and offer to haul off a truck load for $20. Everyone would be happy.
    I don’t agree with the coupon system. I think property owners should get the coupons, as they are usually the ones who haul off trash anyway. If a renter wants to clean up their place then the owner should give them the coupon.
    Once a week pickup would make it easier on the trucks and would force most people to recycle.
    I’m 72 years-old, retired and living on Social Security, and I’m NOT asking for a raise. I’m just upset because 40 years ago, when I was your age, the U.S. government told me that when I retired that I’d be getting enough Social Security to live comfortably. They lied!
    Does Mr. Martin’s quest for transparency include being transparent about all the “back door” meetings that go on everyday downtown? And while we would all like to pay less for utilities, how can the City possibly address years of neglect and apathy towards repairing our aging water infrastructure while maintaining low utilities charges? Many surrounding communities, including Wichita, are faced with these incredible challenges. Lower rates certainly isn’t a very responsible way of addressing these issues.
    Eight council members and the mayor. Two council members deal in bonds, securities and investments. One member is an accountant, two members are business owners. All know and understand property tax, mill levy, city budgets, state statutes, etc. I want someone in office who knows and understands these issues. I don’t want a puppet who makes decisions dictated by their boss.
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