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I have a kid in the school system and she also told me that the high school is planning on asking the school board to change the schedule, which would require kids to take more classes and also raise the requirements for graduation. This is because our enrollment is growing? Seriously? Surely there are other alternatives to handle growth. And it might be nice to communicate with parents instead of us finding out after the fact.


I have a child at the high school and it is common knowledge amongst the students that some are shown preferential treatment. If you have the right name then you get privileges that others do not. The school board should take an interest in activities that go on at the high school.


I am sick of hearing government workers and social security recipients complain about not getting a raise. The rest of us are borrowing money from 401K's or our homes, cutting back lifestyle, facing furloughs, layoffs, accepting lower paying jobs or out right pay cuts, and you have the unmitigated gall to complain. Do the rest of us a favor and shut up.


In regards to the downtown ordinance: I as a business owner, will be beyond angry if the ordinance is changed after spending about $7,000 more to finish the exterior of my building to meet the code the city put in force. I know I would have made my building look nice without the code and it would have cost less. I'm afraid what some others might do without the ordinance. As example, one city councilman doesn't even bother to take care of the rear of any of his buildings. I feel he sets a very bad example, especially since he is a council member. Maybe Augusta residents should look at who is on our council and what their motives may be.

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