Dr. Michael A. Rausch has been granted the title of Certified Medical Director in Long Term Care (CMD).

The Board of Directors of the American Medical Directors Certification Program (AMDCP) is proud to announce that Michael A. Rausch, MD, CMD, FAAFP, of Augusta, has been granted the title of Certified Medical Director in Long Term Care (CMD). Dr. Rausch is one of the more than 3,000 physicians nationwide who have received the CMD designation since the program’s inception in 1991.

The value of certification has never been more apparent. A 2009 study, commissioned by the AMDCP found that having an AMDA certified medical director (CMD) contributes positively to a nursing home’s quality of care. Analysis of data showed that quality scores represented a 15 percent improvement in quality for facilities with certified medical directors (CMDs). For free access to an article on the study go to: www.jamda.com.

The CMD program recognizes the dual clinical and management roles of the medical director and requires indicators of competence in both areas. The dual nature of the skills needed makes the position of medical director unique in medicine. The certification process is based on an experiential model that incorporates mechanisms such as fellowship programs, board certification in a medical specialty, AMDA-sponsored comprehensive courses in medical direction, continuing medical education programs and administrative experience to fulfill certification requirements.

For over 15 years, Dr. Rausch has been providing comprehensive health care to children, mothers, athletes and everyone in between. Depend on a personal touch and undivided attention at each and every visit at Rausch Medical Clinics located at Augusta Family Practice, 1306 State St. in Augusta, El Dorado Sports & Family Medicine, 700 W. Central in El Dorado, Rausch Clinic, 619 S. Highway 77 in Douglass, and American Medical Practice of Winfield, 1230 E. 6th in Winfield.