The Augusta High School spring play "Lizzie Borden of Fall River" will be presented on April 12 and 13, in the Augusta High School Auditorium.

The Augusta High School spring play Lizzie Borden of Fall River will be presented, under the direction of Tim Laner, on April 12 and 13 in the Augusta High School Auditorium. Cost for attendance is $7 for adults and $5 for students.

Lizzie Borden became one of the most controversial women in history after being accused of the hatchet deaths of her step-mother, Abby and her father, Andrew. Her trial caused a sensation across the nation in the year 1892. Many felt that a woman of her social status and upbringing could not commit such a heinous crime. Through the help of an experienced lawyer, and the sensationalized news reporting of a young female writer named Amy Robsart, Lizzie was acquitted of the murder charges.

The cast of the play:

Angie Thompson—Lizzie Borden

Izaiah Ligon---Andrew Borden

Elayne Rye—Bridget

Erin Hooglugt---Abby Borden

Ari Chandler—Emma

Lacey Schwartz---Aunt Vinnie

Tristan Brungardt---Sousa

Kailee Thornburg---Alice

Joe Pherigo---Reverend Jubb

Marian George---Mrs. Churchill

Ronnie White---Patrolman Harrington

Michael Cox---Jenning

Christian Snider---Marshall

Liz Haury---Amy Robsart

Samantha Brown---Carlotta

Sage Thomspon---Mr. Crawford

Mia Davis---Tour Guide One

Sammi Marler---Tour Guide Two

Guest One---Elizabeth Gillis

Guest Two---Elizabeth VanBuskirk

Guest Three—Lyndsay Stuart

Paranormal Investigator One—Annie Allen

Paranormal Investigator Two---Mikayla Lamb

Residents of Fall River---Court Room Scene---Jump Rope Scene

Taylor Becker

Natalie Christner

Kaylene Quiring

Niki Willard

Many theories have been studied and researched since then including the fact that a similar murder occurred a week before by a man wielding a hatchet.

Contrary to popular belief, the murder weapon was never found in the Borden home. Lizzie lived out the rest of her life in Fall River, Massachusetts; and she lived in the house where the infamous murders were committed. To this day, her home and the Borden graves are the most visited sites in the area. Many shows including Paranormal Activity and Ghost Hunters have researched and studied this infamous home because of the theory that many ghosts walk the halls and rooms.