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  • The former police officer Mark Knowles who is a candidate for council in ward 2, his wife works for the Police Department. Can this be a conflict of interest.
    Editor’s note: Mrs. Knowles is the City Court Clerk. There could be a rare occasion where her employment could require Mr. Knowles to abstain from voting if he is elected.
    The current city council has a vocal minority and a silent majority. How can we know what the silent majority thinks unless we hear comments from them? Not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter or Internet. But we sure can figure out who they support when it comes time to vote.
    During a city council workshop held on Jan. 28, it was proposed by some on the council that city funds be given to them to make improvements to their businesses. As a citizen of Augusta, will your life be improved when your tax dollars are given to council members who feel so entitled that they shouldn’t have to pay for it themselves.?
    Editor’s note: There was discussion of a plan to have the city fund grants for improvements to downtown businesses. Some council members own buildings downtown, but the grants would be open to all businesses.
    City council, what are you thinking?The yearly city cleanup, with a local collection site, is for convenience. It’s a small town perk. It’s a specific event that allows us to come together and help clean up Augusta. Who cares if it results in collection of 1,000 or 2,000 tires? Good grief, it’s a one-time per year event. I would rather they end up there than in an alley or ditch. Sure there may be some isolated abuse, but for the majority of us, the annual cleanup is a great thing that is sincerely appreciated. You can keep your silly little coupons.
    Some people say Council Member Huddleston likes to stir up controversy. It’s controversy to those who oppose his views. It becomes debate when people are willing to sit down and listen to both sides before making a decision.
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