Winners named

Three students from Johnna Smith's art classes at Augusta Middle School were recognized Sunday evening for their entries in the Kansas Day Celebration Thru the Arts Contest sponsored by the Augusta Historic Theatre, The Augusta Arts Council and The Augusta Historical Society. Raef Hilt, eighth grader at AMS, won first place in the contest with his colored pencil drawing. Aaron Phipps and Sarah Lundin, also eighth graders at AMS, earned second and third place for their drawings.

Other winners were: grades 3-4, Faith Lundin and Savanna Nichols; high school, Amber Rupp and Hannah Albright; adult, Allan Brooks and Jamie Tullis.

Photography: Dale Roark, Cynthia Magruder, and Crystal Socha.

Literature: Jane Forkner, and Virginia Ewalt/Rhonda Ewalt Zinn.

Judges were:

Literature: Carol Courtwright and Laurel Becker; Art: Annette Boardman and Jerilyn Wiegert; Photography: Fred Lassmann and Dr. Donald Vine.

Sponsors: Gary and Norma Agard, David and Priscilla All, and Lewis and Joann Simmons.