Circle school district will be getting a new high school in Towanda.

Circle School District will be getting a new high school in Towanda.

Almost 60 percent of the voters in the district voted in favor of the $37.12 million bond issue. A total of 1,654 votes were in favor of the project, with 1,104 voting against it.

"Our communities have always been pretty strong supporters of education and we're just real excited about the mandate we received to go forward with our building projects," said Circle Superintendent Jim Keller. "We really feel this is going to be in the best interest of our kids for generations to come."

The bond issue will include a new Circle High School, a renovation and expansion of Oil Hill Elementary and heating and cooling upgrades for the grade schools in Benton and Towanda.

"We're looking at finalizing plans over the next few months," Keller said.

Then the board will be selecting a construction manager at-risk to oversee the projects as they are built by working hand-in-hand with the architect and school district.

The district is planning to break ground on the high school project in the fall, with the project taking about 18 months to complete. Prior to that, the air conditioning work at Benton and Towanda Elementary school gyms will be done this summer, as well as starting some of the construction at Oil Hill Elementary, which will be completed around 2016.

"We always want to thank all of our patrons for all of the efforts they have put in and the support they have given us not only with the building project but everything we do here at Circle schools," Keller said.

The new bond will mean an increase in taxes of $6.60 a month for a $100,000 home in the school district. The bond would be retired no later than 2031.