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  • One council member keeps complaining that he did not vote for the study done by API and the funds voted in to assist in the study and another council member complains about not being there to vote! Have they not heard of majority vote or attending the council meetings? I understand that they can not attend every meeting, but one member in particular has missed too many! I also see that one incumbent did not even care to or feel it was necessary to answer the questions that the others took care and time to do. What does that tell us? His time is too valuable to take a few minutes to let us know how he feels about the issues. I think that I agree with everyone else - it is time to weed a couple of them out in this upcoming election and then next one!
    Wow, Mr. Huddleston must have been too busy walking around downtown to take the time to answer a few questions pertaining to the election. His silence says a lot. And our votes will, too.
    Perhaps the questionaire was too difficult to understand.
    I can’t be the only one to notice that all shootings or mass murders always occur where a government agency has forbid citizen carry. Gun control laws only control the law abiding. The criminal would vote for more control laws - he will not abide. Why new laws when the present laws are not enforced?
    Whether monies for pet projects come from Dept. of Transportation, Wildlife & Parks, or any other source, did the funds start as taxes? If Augusta’s windfall multiplied by every city, town, village and state across these United States comes from the Federal Treasury, no wonder we’re in debt. What’s wrong with user pay and leave the Feds out of it?
    My solution for limiting population growth: the pill. The Republican and lunatic fringe solution: NRA.
    I live in Ward 2 and I definitely want a change in representation on the City Council. If I had any doubts before, with the failure of my councilman to answer some simple questions that would inform the public, I have no doubt now.
    Folks, this upcoming election is very important. Please watch or attend a city council meeting and see what’s going on. Consider if you are being represented. Some of us aren’t. Your vote does matter.
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