For Augusta author Ruth Basquez her faith and time in prayer is what has helped her make it through the difficult times in her life.

For Augusta author Ruth Basquez her faith and time in prayer is what has helped her make it through the difficult times in her life.

She started writing her poems in 2005 from her Bible study on Psalms and Proverbs. Then a year later she started writing devotions.

“When I just spend time and listen, God helps get me through that grief,” she said. “I tell Him where my heart is and how it hurts.”

When her mom died in 2009, Basquez used her poems and devotions to help her heal.

“Through that time this book became a healing time for me,” she said.

Then on Dec. 24, her father-in-law died and she again turned to her poems and devotions.

She would share her devotions and poems with others, writing them in cards to encourage people.

“I had a lot of people tell me I should do it,” she said of publishing them in a book. “I would never have done it on my own.”

With the encouragement of others, she decided to go ahead and do that, and “In His Quietness: praise, poems and devotions” was created.

“It started out as a praise book to God,” Basquez said.

Her dilemma was she didn’t really know how to go about writing a praise book.

“When I asked God how to write a praise book He just ignited my heart,” she said. “No matter who you are God can use you.”

Basquez also has worked in ministry and missions for several years through Project Partner with Christ. Ruth and her husband Gene learned the program needed work camp leaders, pilots and stewardesses. Gene became a pilot and Ruth served as a stewardess on mission trips that took them to work camps in Central and South America.

She also feels she and her family was always blessed.

She said there were three siblings in her family and her parents took in four cousins from a broken home and raised them.

“It was a good life,” she said. “We always felt like we were blessed.

“Through it all He has just been there for me,” she continued. “I wrote about different things in life and how He got me through that.”

Basquez wants others to know God can use anyone.

“I am a high school graduation and if He can take a little girl like me, He can use anyone,” she said.

Basquez will be offering her book in different retail stores in the area, as well as being willing to speak to groups about the book.

“I’m excited to see what happens with it,” she said. “I am passionate about evangelism and using my gift of writing to help others. I want to challenge them to seek a deeper relationship with Christ.”

She will be offering her book in El Dorado on Feb. 2 when she will hold a book signing from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Book Grinder.

The book can be purchased locally at Cooper Drug, Brick Street Bake Shoppe, Patti’s Place, and the Augusta Historical Museum in Augusta. To purchase online, go to:, Barnes &, and