John Grange hopes to continue serving the residents of El Dorado, but in a different matter. He filed earlier this week to run for mayor.

John Grange hopes to continue serving the residents of El Dorado, but in a different matter. He filed earlier this week to run for mayor.

“I think I’ve got the community service bug in my blood with 12 years on the Butler Community College board, four on school board and eight on the Kansas legislature,” he said. “I’m young enough and energetic enough I still want to serve. I thought the position of mayor was one I was qualified to do.”

Grange is a life-long El Dorado resident except nine years he was in the military on active duty, and he also has his business, Carlisle Heating and Air Conditioning, here.

He believes there are a lot of great things in this community and wants to help plan four or five years down the road.

“I just want to be more aware of some of the decisions that have been made at the city and some of the things we have coming down the path that could use a business perspective,” Grange said. “I want to look back and say I am proud of what we have done.”

That is something he is able to do from his time on the college board.

“I look at the legacy of what we did at the college and where the college is today with the new stadium and everything going on,” he said.

Looking at some of the current issues in the city, Grange said one thing he wants to take a hard look at is water.

He said he has talked to city staff about how selling water could benefit El Dorado but still wants to learn more about it.

“I have concerns we would not be able to shut the water off once it starts flowing if we want to,” he said. “There are so many issues there that would have to be clear in my head before I would approve it. But the revenue sounds great.”

He also wants to maintain quality of life issues around town.

“Personally I think the water park on North Main and Graham Park are nice to have,” Grange said. “They certainly get a lot of use. My only questions is did we lose revenue at our municipal pool because of that.”

He did point out it is different from the pool because the water park is designed for small children and is something where parents can pull in and park and let their children play for 30 minutes or an hour.

He also likes the bike paths around town because of the safe area it provides for people walking and riding bikes and would like to see those extended.

“Those are just real nice amenities that our town has that maybe some others don’t have,” he said.

He also believes the Sixth and Main intersection was a good project to undertake and anticipates growth to the north with the new middle school.

“I want to work with developers who are currently in town who are looking to do those things,” he said.

“I think they’ve done a good job in the past and look forward to doing great things in the future as long as we can afford them.

“I enjoy the dynamics of group involvement,” he continued. “How we would work together to make things better for the city of El Dorado.”

He believes in open and transparent government and would provide columns in the newspaper to let residents know what is going on.

“I will hold open discussion with constituent groups to let them know what the city is doing,” Grange said. “I will be open for communication and discussion on any of the topics that come up. I look forward to it.”

Grange is active in St. John’s Church and El Dorado Inc. as well as the Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the HollyFrontier Citizens Advisory Panel and is going to be on the selection committee for the new Butler president. He also served on the committee that hired past Butler president Jackie Vietti.

He and his wife Nancy have been married 41 years. They have a son and daughter and two grandsons.