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In response to the bigoted person with the Viewpoint concerning Martin Luther King Day: At first your terrible remark angered me. I couldn’t believe that still, after so many years, there continues to be hatred for someone because his skin was a different color. After working through the initial anger, I realized that I actually feel sorry for you. I am sorry that you have never evolved or grown as a human being to realize that hate is indeed too heavy a burden to carry. You must be a sad, little person - and you’re carrying around a lot of hate.


There are certain City Councilmen who don’t give Augusta residents credit for having brains and being informed. They might just be surprised when they get beat at the polls. Most of us are tired of their evil ways.


I have to agree with those calling for new blood on the City Council. The way they conduct themselves is appalling - very rude! They are upset when they did not vote for an issue that has been passed. Or more likely, in a certain case, they were not in attendance when the vote was taken. Some are not even prepared for the meeting and seem to know how others are voting before they do! Then there are those who try and find fault with our mayor, who is always prepared and sometimes has to correct them. There are several who have filed to replace these council members. Let us show them our support. Get to know them. We need those who are for progress in our hometown.

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