When he was thinking about going to college, James Howell decided to give Butler Community College a try.

When he was thinking about going to college, James Howell decided to give Butler Community College a try.

“Having reasonably priced classes and outreach classes that were convenient to me, I thought I should go ahead and take classes,” said Howell. “I took three hours at the Butler Community College outreach at McConnell Air Force Base.”

After that first semester, Howell began to take on a bigger class load. He continued at Butler until accumulating 60 credit hours before transferring to Wichita State University.

In order to help other kids who, like he was back then, aren’t quite sure about going to college, Howell has filed for the District 1 seat on the Butler Community College Board of Trustees.

“Some friends told me there was an opening,” he said. “Ultimately we all had dinner and I said this is something I would like to do to give back.”

Howell, who holds a degree in business administration from WSU and a law degree from Washburn University, also spent several semesters in the late 1980s teaching at Butler.

“When I got out of law school and started practicing to give that a test, I was asked to teach some classes at Butler,” he said. “I signed on to teach business law.”

After a while, though, his practice grew too busy, and he no longer had time to teach.

He feels serving as a trustee would be a good way to give back to Butler.

“It’s an attractive and convenient way for people to get into education,” he said. “It really helps people like me. I didn’t have any idea where I wanted to go to school.”

If he is elected, he wants to do what he can to help keep classes accessible to anyone who wants to take them.

“Butler has the right ideas and the right goals to really grab these kids when they are in high school or just out of high school,” Howell said. “It’s really just for the kids. If I can help the kids, that’s what’s important to me.”

Howell, who practices law at Prochaska, Giroux & Howell LLC in Wichita, lives in Bruno Township near Andover.

He is married to Stephanie, with whom he has two children: Christian, a junior at WSU, and Shannon, a freshman at Andover Central High School.