News from Dave Crum, Ks. House of Representatives District 77

This has been a very busy week getting organized for the 2013 Legislative Session. We were sworn in on Monday afternoon and the Governor gave his State of the State Address on Tuesday night. The Governor’s Budget was presented to our Appropriations Committee on Wednesday morning.

As chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee I conducted the first committee meeting on Wednesday afternoon. During that meeting I introduced the Joint Home and Community Based Services and KanCare Oversight Committee Bill. KanCare is our state Medicaid reform program that was recently approved by the federal government and implemented on January 1st. KanCare is very innovative and should result in better health outcomes for our Medicaid population while at the same time stabilizing rising Medicaid costs to the state. Medicaid was passed in 1965 and provides health insurance to low income Americans. The state’s share is now about $1.1 Billion and growing. KanCare will provide incentives to encourage better health outcomes as well as programs that keep older Kansans in their homes, where they prefer to be, and out of more expensive nursing home care. It will be important for the legislature to provide oversight to insure that Medicaid recipients are receiving quality and efficient care.

If you have an urgent issue it is best to call my office number which is 1-785-296-6989. It is a pleasure to represent the 77th District in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Dave Crum of Augusta, has been serving the 77th District in the Kansas House of Representatives since 2007. He can also be reached by email at: