City Clerk Erica Jones had a special memo for the Augusta City Council Monday night.

Jones had received assurances from the outgoing County Clerk, Kansas League of Municipalities and Kansas Secretary of State’s Election office that the changes the governing body made to the city council ward boundaries would be in place in time for the April 2 elections.

However, Jones was contacted by someone in the Butler County Attorney’s office Friday to let her know that the changes would not take effect until the next council election.

“State statute does state that ward boundaries cannot be changed less than four months prior to an election,” Jones said. “However, there are exceptions and based on the aforementioned discussions, I was led to believe that boundary changes the council approved would be allowed.”

Jones said no more action is required to make the changes effective.

“The county has accepted all of the changes that have been approved so no more action will need to be taken in this matter,” Jones said in her memo.

Fortunately, none of the changes affect any of the candidates who have filed to become candidates in the upcoming elections.