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It seems that the City Council cannot make up their minds. They pass a measure at one meeting and then want to change it at a later meeting. I am talking about the funds promised to API and the guidelines put into effect by the Council on downtown storefront refurbishing. Maybe it was not a unanimous vote at the time, but the measures were passed. This is just another reason to look at who is serving on the Council and replace those who are negative and acting unprofessional. Why do we not have term limits? Remember these Council members are representing you and me - if they decide the meeting is important enough to attend! Election is coming up!


It’s a shame that schools and businesses take off for Martin Luther King Day - a man who caused nothing but hate in this country - but won’t take off for Veteran’s Day to honor men and women who fought and died for this country.


Parents-if your child is sent home from school with head lice, could you please be kind enough to take care of the problem?

Don't just clean the hair and send the child back to school the next day.

You have to clean the house and everything in it! The school district needs to have tougher rules about this.


Here is another money saving idea.

Wait until the Corp completes the Levee Enhancement and when they ask for money refuse to pay the bill that you had already committed to. Seems the Council has done it once before.


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