The agenda's “Old Business” items alone features six items.

The Augusta City Council has a full agenda to cover Monday night.

The heading of "Old Business" alone features six items.

Discussion of the city's watering restrictions will be on every agenda until a permanent resolution to the city's water woes is found. Also under old business are a change order for the dam and spillway project that is in its final stages and consideration and potential authorization to proceed with repairs on the city's one million gallon storage tank at the water treatment plant.

Also on the agenda is consideration of two proposals for how the council wants to proceed with the annual city-wide clean-up. The two plans – which were detailed in a story in Thursday's Gazette – each received equal support at a work session Monday night. One plan keeps the program the same as it has been for several years. The second offers a coupon to sanitation customers to allow them to take their own trash to the county landfill at anytime during the year instead of bringing large waste items to the city landfill during a specified period of time.

The final matter of old business is consideration of a payment of $20,000 to Augusta Progress Inc. that was pulled from the appropriation ordinance at the Jan. 7, 2013 meeting of the council. The payment, which was approved by the council in February of 2012, was the portion of an airport study the governing body agreed to help fund with API.

Some of the discussion for why the payment was withheld included a dissatisfaction with the airport study by some council members as well as providing funds to API when they already have a significant balance.

Other concerns included Andover and Butler County not contributing any money to the process yet. However, at Wednesday's Airport Board meeting, it was announced that Andover and the county would pay up to $5,000 each for the attorney selected by the board to continue the negotiations of how to proceed with potential development of the airport and how revenue and expenses from a partnership between Augusta and Andover would be shared.

The council will also review and discuss a grant for the restoration of the Frisco Depot downtown, approve the annual update to the city's emergency water supply plan and consider a request from a citizen to have a property reinstated to the Neighborhood Revitalization program.

There will also be the announcement of a work session to discuss the Downtown Design Ordinance to be held Monday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

In addition to the sanitation program, the governing body also discussed important water projects at their work session last Monday.

The council asked Willis Wilson of Aquatech to bring back proposals for both the new water line to El Dorado and the plan to refill the lake from October to June each year using water from the Walnut River.

Early testing of the water from the river compares very favorably to the water in the city lake. Since the watershed for the City Lake is very small – the watershed for Santa Fe Lake is about four times larger – having this option to enter the summer months with a full lake would be a good back-up plan for the new water line to El Dorado.

Unfortunately, even though it is much smaller in scope, the timeline for the Walnut River project is about the same as that of the new water line.

Wilson will present both of the plans to the council at the Feb. 4 meeting of the city council.