Readers share opinions

I think some of City Council members have a hard time making up their minds! I love coming downtown and seeing the great clean-up and renewal that has been done. I see now that some of the council want to do away with the guidelines for the storefronts. After all the work others have done and all the funds invested, they want to take a step backward. One of our council members has the worst looking storefront downtown....We cannot keep changing policy to please others. Everyone else downtown followed the guidelines and spent extra funds doing so. Is it fair to them to change the rules for a few? I think we need to make some changes in our City Council. Elections are coming up and we need new blood!


If the lady who wrote the Letter to the Editor wants to know about city government and how it works, then her council member should be able to explain it to her. And if the council already voted to give $20,000 to API, then so be it. Move on to more important issues!