Two special ladies were recognized at a recent Douglass City Council meeting.

Two special ladies were recognized at a recent Douglass City Council meeting.

Jenni L. O’Crowley and Jeanie Clay as the 2012 Volunteers of the Year. They were nominated by community members and recognized for freely giving their time, effort and talents for a variety of causes and organizations in the Douglass community.

At the Council meeting, both received award plaques to recognize their volunteer efforts in 2012..

Jenni O’Crowley organized several benefits for Douglass families who had experienced tragedies. Having lost a cousin and close friend in car accidents, she makes certain they are remembered and honored in a positive way.

She has also been instrumental in helping start scholarships.

O’Crowley works at the Douglass Middle School and has a great influence on the students.

She loves her town and is always eager to promote businesses in Douglass.

She started Girls Day Out two years ago and the event will be held again in April. Money raised goes to scholarship funds to help students get the opportunity to go to college. There is a lot of work that goes into getting vendors to participate, setting dates and deciding which the scholarship fund to help.

In addition to all of her volunteer work, she manages to be a wife, mother, and a full time employee.

The other Volunteer of the Year is Jeanie Clay, one of those rare people who is always finding ways to give to others.

She is currently a volunteer at the Douglass Museum, President of the Douglass Public Library Board of Trustees, treasurer for the PEO, member and worker of the Douglass Methodist Church and UMW. When she retired after many years as an elementary teacher in the Douglass Public Schools, she immediately volunteered for service at the library as the Story Hour teacher.